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JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics 2015 V2
OFFLINE means that internet is not necessary to install this version (unlike other version in another post).

Same activation for Jpro 2015 v1 works for this version.
  • Ability to search for specific data parameters in Data Monitor
  • Ability to define custom groups of related data parameters to display in Data Monitor
  • Display of data related to reported faults in Data Monitor
  • New and improved graphing of parameter data
  • Support for performing PM Inspections (includes choosing and customizing inspection items. Data available in PDF or XML format)
  • Support for Navistar OnCommand webservice integartion with the optional OnCommand Module
  • Improved Fault and VIN gathering information for Mack and Volvo vehicles
  • Clear indication of overall vehicle health taking into account:
  • Active Faults present
  • Consumable Fluid(s) low
  • Connect Detect ABS (on 2001 or newer vehicles)
  • Battery Voltage Low
  • No 1939 Data (on 2007 or newer vehicles)
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