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Hello everyone ! :D:D:D
Today I going to share to all of you some ways to make extra money on DHTauto.com.

1. Post and upload electronic spare parts catalogues, service & repair manuals, workshop manuals,technical documentation,electrical wiring diagrams,diagnostic software etc. For cars,trucks, buses,construction equipment,agriculture equipment, warehouse equipment, forklifts,engines,transmission and man,transmission and many other equipment. Then, set price for your product.


Way to create your thread: http://dhtauto.com/threads/how-do-you-post-or-start-a-new-thread-on-forum.63439/

To set price for your documents: http://dhtauto.com/threads/how-to-set-prices-for-your-document-on-dhtauto.63448/#post-64990

If any members on forum download your documents. We'll pay your commission by Paypal ( VISA,MASTER CARD,AMERICAN EXPRESS….). Your commision are 30%/product.


For example: If price of your product is 10 USD,if any member donate Beer and download it,you will get 3 USD. Very easy,right ?

2. Become Freelancer.

-Our forum is a place which share a lot documents about Engineering of automotive. DHTauto has become one of the most prestigious and influential forums which are related to engineering of automotive all over the world, attracted more than a milion visitors every month. So,we are very happy when you want to become one of our forum. Your task are find new manuals and software. Share and set price it on forum,if any person download it,we will pay 30% commission to you by Paypal. Beside that,you will PR and advertise DHTauto forum through Social network ( Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Blog…).

And many bonus when you become our freelancer.

Please contact us to disscuss further details and necessary information.

Email : dhtauto.com@gmail.com

My DHTauto.com account : DHTAuto Support

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. :):):):)
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