Dec 8, 2013
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DG Technologies Product Pinouts and Industry Connectors Reference Guide
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Including the J1939 Type-2 Connector, CAN-bus Troubleshooting, and 2013+ Volvo J1962 Connector
DPA 4 and DPA 5 Series
DPA II and III Series, and other Legacy DPA Products
Deutsch Connectors (3/6/9-Pin)
+3-Pin Deutsch - J1939 Backbone Connector
+6-Pin Deutsch – Commonly Called the J1708/J1587 Heavy-Duty Truck Connector
+9-Pin Deutsch – SAE Standard Heavy-Duty Truck Connector
+9-Pin Deutsch – Freightliner Cascadia (H,J Used for Dual CAN)
+9-Pin Deutsch – PACCAR (J Used for ISO9141 K-Line)
+9-Pin Deutsch – CAT Industrial Connector – (J1708/J1587, J1939, CAT Data Link)
+9-Pin Deutsch – CNH (Dual CAN and E Used for ISO9141K-Line)
+9-Pin Deutsch – J1939 “Type 2” for J1939 @ 500k
SAE J1962 OBDII Connector
Volvo 2013 SAE J1962 OBDII Connector (2013 and Newer Volvo Chassis with Volvo Engine)
Heavy Duty OBDI Connector for J1708/J1587
Volvo Construction Equipment 14-Pin Benz Connector
Volvo Construction Equipment 8-Pin Rectangular Connector
Komatsu Construction Equipment 12-Pin Rectangular Connector
US Military HMMWV Connector for GM 4L80-E Transmission Control Module (GM UART)
SAE J560 Trailer Connector and the DG PLC TestCon
SAE J560 Trailer Connector Showing PLC4TRUCKS on Terminal 7 – Auxiliary Power
PLC TestCon Pinouts - Trailer/Tractor Side - (DB15 Female)
PLC TestCon Pinouts - Pigtail Side (To J1708 Adapter) - (DB15 Male)
PLC TestCon External Wiring Example
D-Sub 9, 15 and 25 Connectors 9
USB Connectors Used with the DPA
Appendix A. SAE J1708 Connector and Part Numbers
SAE J1708 In-Cab Connector Part Number
SAE J1708 Mating Plug Part Number
Appendix B. SAE J1939 “Type 1” Connector and Part Numbers (250k Baud Only)
Type 1 SAE J1939 In-Cab Connector Part Numbers
Type 1 SAE J1939 Mating Plug Part Numbers
Appendix C. The New J1939 “Type 2” Connector (for J1939 @ 500k)
Introducing the “Type 2” J1939 Connector
Type 2 SAE J1939 Connector Pictures
Type 2 SAE J1939 Connector Pin Designations

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