International  NED database update [03.2023]
Navistar Engine Diagnostics is a diagnostic and programming service tool for Navistar Engines.

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Overview Discussion

International NED database update [03.2023]​


1. What is Navistar Engine Diagnostics?

International Navistar Engine Diagnostics NED 2023 diagnostic and programming service tool for Navistar Engines. A full-featured PC application, Navistar Engine Diagnostics is designed to meet the wide range of diagnostic challenges of servicing a mixed truck fleet. Coverage includes all J1939 International electronic engine systems

2. Software Information

  • Nane: Navistar Engine Diagnostics (NED)
  • Version: 7.8.2
  • Update database: 06.2023
  • Size File: 282 MB
  • Region: All Region
  • Software Type: Diagnostic
  • Database Language: English
  • Interface Language: English

3. Basic Features

  • Read and clear DTC
  • View and save live data
  • Check engine in key mode ON, engine does not running (KOEO – Key On Engine Off)
  • Check the engine in the key mode ON, the engine running (KOER – Key On Engine Running)
  • Cylinder cutout test
  • Injector disable test
  • Fan test
  • Compression test
  • High pressure pump test
  • Aftertreatment System Tests

4. Advanced Features

  • Recover data files that have been previously saved or of another vehicle
  • Change the operating temperature of the cooling fan
  • Change engine idle speed
  • Change auto time off when idle
  • Engine warning and protection
  • Hydraulic governor pressure change
  • PTO control
  • Change the vehicle speed limit
  • Change from automatic transmission to manual transmission
  • Increase horse power, torque
  • Adjust the amount of fuel consumption
  • Change VIN, engine serial number even if the ECM has password protection
5. Brands support
+ North American Engines
+ Global Engines
+ Military Engines
+ CAT Engines
+ Perkins Engines
+ Engineering Engines
+ JND Engines
+ Generic Engines

North American Engines
North American Engines

MaxxForce 5 (2007 - 2009)
MaxxForce 7 (2007 -2009)
MaxxForce 7 (2010-2012)
MaxxForce 7 (2013-)
MaxxForce DT/9/1O (2007-2009)
MaxxForce DT/9/1O (2010 -2012)
MaxxForce DT/9/1O (2013-)
MaxxForce 11/13 (2008 -2009)
MaxxForce 11/13 (2010-2012)
MaxxForce 13 (2013)
MaxxForce 15 (2011 -2012)
SCR Engines
N13 8CR (2013-2014)
N9/N10 8CR (2014-2017)
N13 8CR (2015-2017)
A26 (2017-2021)

Global Engines
Maxx Force 3.OH (Euro III - P418V50)
DLCII 16 for Export (2007-)
MaxxForce 7.2/4.8 H (Euro III - P625V13)
MaxxForce 7.2/4.8 H (Euro IV - P800V24)
MaxxForce 7.2/4.8 H (Euro IV - P800V32)
MaxxForce 7.2/4.8 H (Euro V- P1090V52)
ManForce 3.2 H (Euro III)
ManForce 3.2 H (Euro IV)
ManForce 3.2 H (Euro V)
M13 (Euro V)

Military Engines
MaxxForce 12.4D

CAT Engines
CAT CT11/13 (2010-2012)
CAT CT13 (2013)
CAT CT13 SCR (2013-2014)
CAT CT13 SCR (2015 -2017)

Perkins Engines

Engineering Engines
Simulated J1939 Engine
Simulated J1708 Engine

JND Engines
MaxxForce 3.2 H (Euro IV)
MaxxForce 7.2/4.8 H (Euro V - P1090V52)

Generic Engines
SAE J1939 Engine Module

6. System OS

  • Windows® 10
  • Windows® 11

7. Supported Hardware

  • Nexiq USB Link (Version 1 or 2)
  • DG Technology DPA5
  • Norgone DLA
  • And some other RP1210 devices

Are you concerned about risk after payment?

We know you are concerned about the prepayment, receive the software later. Don’t worry, you should use Paypal and remember to choose a payment method Pay for goods or services, you will be guaranteed safety by Paypal.

It is a form of assurance that gives you peace of mind, but in fact you will never need Paypal to resolve a dispute, because we would not be foolish to exchange a brand that we have built it. When there was bad feedback, our Paypal account was also locked. And will affect our brand. So if the case does not support you, we are ready to Refund the money you sent us.

Please refer: Refund policy.

Are you concerned that you will not know how to use the software?

If you are newbie, you can refer to our videos on our Youtube channel or Facebook. We regularly upload video instructions to test the vehicle or perform the functions of programming, review software, install software,.... Is it important that you take the time and effort to learn?. There are many tutorials, and many videos and documents that are completely free.

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Product Information

Windows® 10 Windows® 11 Nexiq USB Link (Version 1 or 2) DG Technology DPA5 Norgone DLA And some other RP1210 devices
Auto Library
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