Password security is extremely important on any web service, and so for your security there are certain passwords that the DHTAuto Marketplaces cannot accept when creating an account or changing your password.

The DHTAuto Marketplaces validate your password against a number of different factors to make sure it's secure. We estimate your password strength by looking for common dictionary words, passwords, names, and permutations of those words using common substitutions. If you’re planning on earning money on the site or depositing funds it is especially important that your account is safe and secure from hackers.
When setting or updating a password, you’ll be notified if your choice does not pass our validation, and prompted to create a stronger password. This will occur if your password is:
  • A weak combination of common dictionary words or passwords (e.g. password);
  • A weak permutation of one (p@ssw0rd, password123);
  • A variation on an Envato term, your username or your account details.
    (e.g. themeforest123).
  • Too short or.
  • Otherwise insecure.
We highly recommend using tools like 1Password or Lastpass to help you generate and store a randomly generated strong password for each service you use.
For maximum account security, you should:
  1. Have a complex password comprising of uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers (you can use a password generator if you wish).
  2. Have a unique password for the DHTAuto Marketplaces.
  3. Change your password regularly.
  4. Keep your password private and never give it out.
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