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Renault Truck Diagnostic 3.1.0
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Basic functions of the tester:
Diagnosis - lets you read memory faults stored in the drivers of vehicles while allowing deleting, saving, and printing of error codes with their full description.

Measured values - is called. LiveData or display current data from sensors or actuators registered by the driver.
Identifying Drivers - it displays detailed data such. Serial number, software version numbers, the manufacturer, the numbers encodings, etc ...

Actuator Test in other words starting components are direct tests performed on the elements of such systems. Launch modulators ABS solenoid activation eg. Raising - lowering the vehicle or machine. This part also called an active diagnosis can eg. In the case of engine balance / detachment cylinders which in turn is helpful for example. In the evaluation of compression.

Calibrations are adaptations of individual elements, eg. The sensors on the needs of the vehicle may be an example of calibrating - adapting the electronic throttle, pedal acceleration sensor active suspension systems support, etc ...

Adjustments / Coding / Programming all kinds reconfigure settings eg. Off speed limiters, power, torque, activate hidden features, disable the treatment of exhaust gases, etc. * (To do some reconfiguration conical is to have optional frills rozrzeszających called. Developer like. calculators encodings or configuration).
Read / Write configuration of drivers - this allows you to copy the configuration of drivers during the replacement or repair.
Deleting maintenance / inspection service - features helpful when reviewing service intervals (deleting controls the service, oil, mileage, etc.).
All the above mentioned features allow for comprehensive diagnosis of elements including such as:

- Engine
- Skrzynie gear
- SYSTEM air conditioning and heating / reheating
- Retarder,
- Zawieszenie active
- Equipment burglary
a central computer
- Tachograf
- Dashboard
- DATA air for example. SAC,
- Ogrzewacz, dryer, etc.
- Uzdatnianie exhaust
- Układ steering for example. EMAS
- Moduły frame
- List of available drivers could be long exchange, however it is dependent on the equipment diagnosis of the vehicle or machine.

If you select the appropriate driver for example. Engine computer can, for example.:

- Reading pending diagnostic trouble codes (DTC)

- Read diagnostic trouble codes (DTC)

- Erasing codes and the "Check Engine" (MIL)

- The ability to save the read data to a file for later analysis

- Diagnosis of actuators type throttle valves, sensors

- Dynamic check point, dose boot,

- Engine speed (RPM)

- Order (Calculated Load Value)

- Coolant temperature (Coolant Temperature)

- The status of the fuel system (Fuel System Status)

- Vehicle speed (Vehicle Speed)

- Short-term correction injection time (Short Term Fuel Trim)

- Long-term correction injection time (Long Term Fuel Trim)

- Vacuum in the intake manifold (Intake Manifold Pressure)

- Ignition timing (Timing Advance)

- The temperature of the intake air (Intake Air Temperature)

- Air flow - an indication of the flow meter (Air Flow Rate)

- Throttle position TPS (Throttle Position Absolute)

- Indicate the lambda sensor (Oxygen Sensor Voltages / associated short term fuel trims)

- Pressure fuel (Fuel Pressure)

- Checking the condition of the engine based on the consumption of individual cylinders - that is,

the difference in doses of fuel dispensed by the computer for each cylinder.

- Measurement of vehicle parameters - power and acceleration

and many other activities diagnostic impossible to do universal testers ...

With a special addition of Developer Tool (dev2tool) it is possible to perform advanced service functions such as programming, change the speed limit, turn on and off the immobilizer, change the chassis number, change the value of the maximum and minimum parameters controllers, programming injectors, etc ...

Set contains:
• 88890300 Vocom interface
• 88890304 cable OBD2 88890306
• 8-pin cable for European trucks Volvo
• 88890305 USB cable
• BNA 12-pin for older Renault DCI and DXi trucks
• Renault Diag NG10 Diagnostica +
• Renault Diag NG10 LCV Diagnostic
• Renault Diag NG10 Teach Me
• Renault Diag NG10 Tech Tool (RTT) / VCADS Pro (Development)
• Renault Trucks Consult (Parts)
• Renault Trucks Diag NG3 / NG10 Calculator
• Computer laptop



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