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Jun 16, 2013
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Dear all members,
On 20th November, 2013, one terrible thing happened to our forum. All our server systems were unexpectedly destroyed and more than 10.000 materials were lost. We have tried our best to restore our invaluable resources but unluckily, it seems hopeless. This is really an unwanted incident and it is the worst thing since our website was set up.
We have been restoring all our data resources from scratch and they are going to be finished in one month from 8th December, 2013.
As for the members having already had an account at DHTauto and having credited your account, we commit to restoring all your existed credits. Please make a new account and send your information to us at or use Live Chat under Web DHT!
We are terribly sorry and thanks for your sympathy and joining us to rebuild our website Dhtauto.
With the hope to create an online resource of car and automobile repair, we desperately need your deep understanding and sharing your materials.
We are looking forward to your precious contribution.
Best wishes,

Vietnam Automotive Technology
Vinacartech Co.,LTD
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