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Brand : Porsche
Product Code: Porsche
Availability: In Stock

PORSCHE PET-7.3-2015-UPDATES-01.jpg

Update : 08.2015
Region : Europe & USA
Quantity of CD : 1 CD / Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP / 32 & 64 bit
Size : 691 MB
Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and others

- O.S.: Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8
- CPU: Pentium/Athlon 1.8 GHz or higher
- RAM: 256 MB of system memory
- Hard Drive: 5 GB of available space


Porsche PET 7.3 Electronic spare parts catalogue, accessories catalogue
Covered Europe & North America markets

Model List:
Porsche Panamera
Porsche Cayenne
Porsche 911 Carrera
Porsche 911
Porsche 996 GT3
Porsche 997 GT3
Porsche 991 GT3
Porsche 911 Turbo/GT2
Porsche 911 Turbo/GT2 RS
Porsche 991 Turbo
Porsche Boxster
Porsche Cayman
Porsche 356/356A
Porsche 356B/356C
Porsche 911/912
Porsche 911 Carrera 2/4
Porsche 914
Porsche 924
Porsche 924S
Porsche 944
Porsche 968
Porsche 928
Porsche Carrera GT
Porsche 959

Print high quality text and illustrations
Part number search, parts usage
Price lists
Vehicle-specific parts information
Zoom features
Year, model and group indexes

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PORSCHE PET-7.3-2015-UPDATES-03.jpg
PORSCHE PET-7.3-2015-UPDATES-04.jpg
PORSCHE PET-7.3-2015-UPDATES-05.jpg
PORSCHE PET-7.3-2015-UPDATES-06.jpg
PORSCHE PET-7.3-2015-UPDATES-07.jpg
PORSCHE PET-7.3-2015-UPDATES-08.jpg
PORSCHE PET-7.3-2015-UPDATES-09.jpg

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mb 911

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Thank you for posting and providing the software. Are there instructions to install on 32 bit windows OS and 64 bit OS? And I hope the instructions are in English....

mb 911

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I got it installed on 32 bit windows computer that had PET u350 installed so hardlock etc were not needed, but it is set for Great Britan. How can I install it on 64 bit? Can it be set/changed to other countries? I can get all retail price files for PET for instance I am uploading the January 2016 USA retail prices

You can get it here...


and to match the PET as it installs here is the January 2016 Porsche retail prices for Great Britan


If you want for other countries let me know by PM or email

I am sure someone will let me know how to hide links now or in the future...
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