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Hello everyone ! :D:D:D
In order to dowload any manuals and software on DHTauto.com,you need to have Beer.Today,I going to show you a way to get Beer. :):):)
Step 1 : Log in.
Step 2 : Click “ DONATE”.
Step 3 : Please type amount of beer,then click “Purchase“ button to continue.
Step 4 : Choose a way to pay.
1. Pay with Paypal account.
2. Pay with credit or debit card.
If you have any trouble or problem with this thread.Please contact us live chat . We will support you as soos as possible !

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Hello. I have buy this software, but i dont received any link... What is happen? Where i get the link to the software i have payed for?

Maria Engtrø

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Can You send me please send me the link to manual for Previa II with engine 1CD-FTV - 2.0L 4-cylinder 16 Valve DOHC D-4D turbo diesel