Dec 8, 2013
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1. What is Autodata online?

The offline version of Alldata software is 3.45, this is also the last Offline version of the software, since then Autodata no longer updates the Offline version but switches to the Online version which is more convenient, newer and more functions

AUTODATA is a software designed for garages and automotive repair workshops, providing information on repairs, assembly procedures for various systems, diagnostic data, maintenance specifications, as well as electrical component diagrams, and working diagrams, etc.

AUTODATA is a leading global provider of technical information for various types and models of vehicles, with a database covering approximately 17,000 vehicle models from 80 different manufacturers. It provides technical information for numerous vehicle models, including those dating back to 1959 up to the present, and includes a wealth of technical specifications that may not be found in other databases.

With the Autodata online version, you will need an account, go directly to the Autodata official’s website and log in. Then you do the lookup and get your data directly on it

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2. Autodata Online Account Information

Duration of use: 1 year

Supported devide: Computer

Language: English

Support Year: 1959 to the lastest current is 2023

3. AUTODATA software offers various features, including:

+ Maintenance instructions: Providing information on regular maintenance schedules, illustrated maintenance images, etc.

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+ Maintenance procedures: Offering guidance on tasks such as belt replacement, brake maintenance, TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), key programming, battery maintenance, etc.

+ Technical specifications: Including details such as repair frequency, tire and wheel alignment, lubricants and fluids, belt tension, suspension, and relays, etc.

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+ Diagnosis and repair: Allowing for error code diagnosis, electrical circuit diagrams, component location, and repair procedures, etc.

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+ Vehicle systems and repair information: Managing engine, clutch, post-treatment diesel exhaust, ABS/ESP (Anti-lock Braking System/Electronic Stability Program), airbags, air conditioning system, etc.

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