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Jun 16, 2013
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Lauched in 27th May 2013, by VASTcorp ,DHTauto is a forum to connect,offer hundreds of thousands database of manual and software for cars,heavy equipment,trucks in the world. Since then,DHTauto has become one of the most prestigious and influential forums which are related to engineering of automotive all over the world, attracted more than a milion visitors every month.

In our forum you can find useful information for skilled professionals, motorists, service stations or for personal use. You can order and get shortly electronic spare parts catalogues, service & repair manuals, workshop manuals, technical documentation, electrical wiring diagrams, diagnostic software etc. For cars, trucks, buses, construction equipment, agriculture equipment, warehouse equipment, forklifts, engines, transmissions and many other equipment. We can offer you good prices and of course free help and support! Be sure you will be happy to deal with us!

Contact us:
Vastcorp Co., Ltd 61/40 59 Street,14 Ward,Go Vap Distr,HCMC,Vietnam

Email -
Skype - dhtautosupport
Tel : ( 84-8) 66 88 55 88
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