TOPIx cloud and JLR Land Rover & Jaguar Account Online
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+ You are repairing a Land Rover and Jaguar car, you need service manual, wiring diagram, specifications, and more information about your car. But you don’t know how to get it.

+ You have some repair manual about Land Rover and Jaguar cars, but it is quite old version while you need to repair manual the newer models.

+ You need JLR SDD and Pathfinder working online with some special functions. But you don't know how to do that.
In case you ask some friend for support but must wait for a long time, but the customer does not accept that waiting time, so you are completely passive.

+ Don't worry, the following article will solve that problem for you.
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What is Topix Account Online?

The Topix Account Online is the Dealer Account, with this you can find all manual for Land Rover & Jaguar car. The vehicle data is always up to date for the latest models. Also Topix Account is used for Topix Cloud Diagnostic - The Newest Generation of Diagnostic Tools for Land Rover and Jaguar cars.

Topix Account Online include:

+ Results (Search results):
Displays search results. It's possible to look up vehicle information by VIN number.
+ Workshop Manual
+ Electrical Information
+ Body and Paint
+ Bulletins
+ Topix Cloud Diagnostic
+ Topix Account Login for JLR SDD Working Online
+ Topix Account Login for JLR Pathfinder Working Online

Are you concerned about risk after payment?

We know you are concerned about the prepayment, receive the software later. Don’t worry, you should use Paypal and remember to choose a payment method Pay for goods or services, you will be guaranteed safety by Paypal.

It is a form of assurance that gives you peace of mind, but in fact you will never need Paypal to resolve a dispute, because we would not be foolish to exchange a brand that we have built it. When there was bad feedback, our Paypal account was also locked. And will affect our brand. So if the case does not support you, we are ready to Refund the money you sent us.

Please refer: Refund policy.

Are you concerned that you will not know how to use the software?

If you are newbie, you can refer to our videos on our Youtube channel or Facebook. We regularly upload video instructions to test the vehicle or perform the functions of programming, review software, install software,.... Is it important that you take the time and effort to learn?. There are many tutorials, and many videos and documents that are completely free.

Also, if you need us to do it for you, check out: DHT AUTO STORE
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