VMWare Windows 10 64bit, Include Techline Connect lastest version, GDS2 full database and unlimited day, Tech2Win V2.3.70
GM Techline Connect with GDS2 Full database and Unlimited day + Tech2Win [VMware ]
+ Techline Connect include GDS2 with full database diagnostic

+ Tech2Win is used for old car, it support various vehicles brands.

+ VMWare version, extract and use
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VMWare Techline Connect lastest (GDS2 Full database and Unlimited day) + Tech2Win
1. Techline Connect

The Techline Connect application has a single sign-on for access to nine applications, seamlessly integrating Service Information (SI), a scan tool (GDS2), the Service Programming System (SPS2), and other applications with vehicle-specific information. All information and applications are available on a technicianfriendly dashboard with an intuitive interface that also automatically displays Investigate Vehicle History (IVH) information, Field Actions, and Warranty History when connected to a vehicle.

GDS2 is the diagnostic scan tool required to use MDI, MDI2 or J2534. It allows technicians to scan the vehicle for data and trouble codes. GDS2 is supported in 2014 and newer models. Support on earlier model year vehicles varies between Tech2Win and GDS2 software.

Techline Connect also does not require an internet connection to use GDS2 Diagnostics, thanks to the Stand-alone Mode. Bypass the log-in by selecting Stand-alone Mode from the log-in screen. Techline Connect will open with only the GDS2 icon. There will be no connection to the Service Information and programming. In the Stand-alone Mode, Techline Connect uses the MDI and vehicle connection function to establish vehicle communications.

3. Tech2Win
Tech2Win is a PC program that executes Tech2 software on a Windows PC. It is used for some old car and can be used for various vehicles brands.

4. Supported Hardware
  • + GM MDI
  • + GM MDI 2
  • + J2534 device (Tech2Win not support J2534)
5. System Requirements:
  • + OS: Windows: 10, Windows 11
  • + Free hard drive: 50 GB or more
  • + CPU: Core i3 or above
  • + Ram: 8 GB or more
  • + VMware 16.x or above

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