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ServiceMaxx Pro J1939 Lever 3 Software Full

1. General description

Servicemaxx is a professional diagnostic software for Navistar motors. Servicemaxx Pro J1939 can support both J1939 and J1708 connectivity standards.

2. Software information

Software name: ServiceMaxx Pro J1939
Version: V43
Size: 150 Mb
International markets

3. Vehicle support

All models of Navistar International Maxxforce

4. Functions

Basic functions

  • Read errors, clear errors
  • Save engine data
  • View graph data engine
  • Functionality check, activate the actuator
  • KOEO: Key On Engine Off: Check the engine in the On key, the engine does not start
  • KOER: Key On Engine Running: Checking in key mode turns On, engine is exploding
  • Cylinder Cutout Test: check for needle kill
  • Injector Disable Tests
  • Fan test: check the cooling fan
  • Compression test
  • High pressure pump test: check the high pressure pump
  • Aftertreatment System Tests: check the exhaust system
  • And many more

Advanced functions

For this version of software level 3 you can perform advanced functions such as
  • Change the parameters of the engine
  • Combined with Navkal software to remove emissions control systems, DPF standard EPA7, EPA10
  • Recover previously saved file or other vehicle data
  • Change the operating temperature of the cooling fan
  • Change the engine idle speed
  • Auto-off time when no-load
  • Engine warning and protection
  • Hydraulic pressure regulator
  • PTO control
  • Speed limit of vehicles
  • Change the automatic number to the floor number
  • Increased power, torque
  • Change the VIN number, even if the box has a password protected

5. Computer Requirements

Operating System: Win Vista, Win 7
Processor: Core 2 Duo or higher
Ram: 2 Gb or more
Hard drive: 500 MB or more free space

6. Supported Devices

Nexiq Technologies - USB Link
Dearborn Group Technologies - DPA5



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