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Rules when using the forum [Update to 03.01.2022]

Dear All Member!

When you join the forum, we hope you will read the rule carefully. It was created to ensure that everyone must comply with them. Let's build a truly civilized forum, avoid negative and bad things.

1. General rules

Respect the decisions and opinions of the forum management members.

1.2. Compliance with the provisions of each box set by the Administrator, Super Moderator and Moderator.

1.3. Use only English as a common language to easily communicate on the forum.

1.4. Don't use slang words, confusing or misleading words.

1.5. The registered accounts on the forum must use the correct email. Registered accounts with inappropriate names (eg, sensitive, vulgar, political, religious, terrorist, etc.) are not accepted at DHTAUTO.COM and will be removed immediately.

1.6. Account is your own personal ownership, not to buy or sell ownership.

1.7. Strictly prohibit racism, religion, language and culture between regions and countries with each other.

1.8. It is strictly forbidden to use vulgar words, defamation, threats, terrorism, smear others.

1.9. We don't accept propaganda or support of depraved, erotic, violent, anti-political cultures, ....

1.10. Advertising articles, trade products that aren't related to the automotive field will not be allowed.

1.11. Don't request or share the beer points on the forum.

1.12. Don’t ask for passwords on forums. The comment please password will be deleted without reason, members who repeatedly violate this rule will be banned

1.13. Any problems need help you can contact to manage member or contact us via email: info@dhtauto.com.

2. Post rules:

Your post will be censored by the forum Administrator, Super Moderator and Moderator. We will determine the beer bonus points that you get for the post depending on the rarity of the topic.

2.2. If your document or software uses a password protected, you must share it with DHTmaster.

2.3. It is strictly forbidden to post topics related to politics, religion, racism, pornography, violence, etc. Those topics will be deleted from the rampage immediately with a warning for you.

2.4. Spam topics or spam post strictly prohibited the forum. Spam articles will be permanently deleted, and the post owner will be warned or deleted permanently.

2.5. Don't post documents, software, keygen infected with viruses.

Please comply with all the rules of the forum. Be a civilized member, actively of the Dhtauto.com forum. We are here for the purpose of sharing to succeed.

Best regards !!!

Rules are updated to 03.01.2022
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