Change log

Offboard Diagnostic Information System Engineering

• Editability of the VW-MCD configuration files under „%ProgramData%“ without admin rights

• Changing the installation path from: %ProgramFiles%\Offboard_Diagnostic_Information_System_Engineering\OffboardDiagLauncher.exe"
to „%ProgramFiles%\OE\OffboardDiagLauncher.exe“

• Correct adressing to the backend of the SFD request for VFA cooperation vehicles

• Restriction of web interface use to localhost (

• The scope of an equipment documentation can be customized via a configuration. (Note: Any
customization requires a release of the designated body.)

• Implementation of the LLMNR-protocol for communication with the VAS6154A

• The VCI keeps the TCP-connections of the vehicle client open, unless it is explicitly marked to close in the
request header.

• Operating control unit after Use Case SFD1 in case of conformity of the implementation of the service

• Manual skipping of preconditions for fault-tolerant testing of the newly implemented SOD (Serviceoriented diagnosis) functionality is now possible

• Supporting the separation of program and user files when setting the configuration in the VW MCD


Release notes

Produkt configuration
• Release name: Offboard Diagnostic Information System Engineering 16.0.0
Vehicle Connection:
• Version of ECF: 57.5.3
• Version of VW-MCD: 19.0.4
• Version of VW D-PDU API: 26.0.0
• Version of Automation Interface: 25.2
• Version of Plateau Plugin:
• Version of Java Runtime Environment:

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