Diagnostic Information System Engineering version 14.1.0
Diagnostic Information System Engineering (ODIS-E) program of the Volkswagen Group is used in the field of engineering diagnosis. It allows vehicle control units to be identified and entries in event memory to be read. It also supports vehicle repairs using guided fault finding and flashing control units. Functions such as test instrument support, flash re-programming control units and vehicle self-diagnosis extend the range of applications.
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Overview Feature list

Diagnostic Information System Engineering Version (ODIS-E)14.1.0 is the latest version update to 21/10/2021. Diagnostic Information System Engineering Version (ODIS-E) 14.1.0 includes Keygen to activate the software.


Sofware Feature:

Diagnostic functions

+ Indentification
+ DTC Memory
+ Measured valvues
+ Output Diagnostic Test Mode
+ Basic setting
+ Coding
+ Adaptation
+ Access Authoriztion
+ Diagnostic Session
+ Data transfer
+ Special functions
+ Multiple indentification data
Vehicle functions
+ OBD customer service
+ Engine group
+ Flashing
+ Total vehicle update (SOD)
+ Transport Mode
+ Vehicle Special Functions
+ Read Entire System
+ Enable vehicle SFD
+ Vehicle functions
Diagnostic procedures
+ Macros

Supported brands:
+ Audi
+ Volkswagen Pkw
+ Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge
+ Lamborghini
+ Bentley
+ Bugatti

Supported Hardware:
+ Getac S410/Getac S410 Performance
+ Panasonic CF-53-MK4
+ Panasonic CF-54
+ VAS 6150
+ VAS 6150A
+ VAS 6150B
+ VAS 6154
+ VAS 6154A
+ VAS 6160
+ DoIP

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