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  • Hello friend, i not have gds 2015 dvd8, i have gds 1.2014

    hrobertdm GDS , I have, comercial 2014 update and 2015 diagnostic, komatsu epc 7-2015 you have?
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    DHTAuto Support
    DHTAuto Support yes,we have komatsu epc 7-2015
    Hey buddy, what happened to the link of Komatsu EPC 2015

    [19/08/2015 10:28:01 AM] DHTauto Team: we have KOMATSU 2015,we have to pay 180$ for manufacture to download that. so please give me Isuzu Worldwide 2-2015( Parts catalog for Isuzu automotive, trucks, engines) . We give you Komasu 2015
    we also hat HITACHI 2015,if you need,we can exchange in next time :)
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