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Software Volvo Impact Trucks & Buses [06.2016]

Discussion in 'Truck Softwares' started by Chivas99, Nov 23, 2016.

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    Jun 16, 2013
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    VOLVO Impact Trucks & Buses [06.2016]
    Size: 25,4Gb
    Region: Europe
    Languages: English, Hungarian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, German, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, French, Czech, Swedish, Japanese

    Win: VISTA, Win7 x32, Win98, Windows 8 x32, WinJapan, WinNT, WinXP
    Type: Spare parts, Repair and diagnostics for VOLVO Trucks & Buses
    Year: 06.2016
    Release : 06.2016
    Quantity of DVD: 9 DVD DL


    Spare Parts Catalog Volvo Lorry & Volvo Bus delivered on 7 DVDs, work only from a hard disk. Need space 75 Gb.

    In the program Volvo Lorry & Bus the information on repair, spare parts, diagnostics, service bulletins, electric wiring diagrams, service is submitted, to the specification and the tool.
    The models submitted in the program Volvo Lorry & Bus:

    B10B, B10C, B10L, B10M, B10R, B11R, B11R (3), B12
    B12B, B12M, B12R, B13R, B58, B5LH, B5LH (3), B5RH
    B5TL (3), B6, B6F, B6FA, B6R, B7, B7F, B7FA, B7FB, B7L
    B7R, B85F, B8R, B8R (3), B9L, B9M, B9R, B9S, B9TL, BXRC
    C10M, COMP04, COMP12, DE, DE (3), F10, F12, F16, F408, F409
    F609, F610, F611, F612, F613, F614, F615, F616, F617, F7, FE
    FE (3), FH, FH (4), FH12, FH16, FH565, FL, FL (3), FL10, FL12
    FL4, FL6, FL7, FLC, FLM, FM, FM (4), FM10, FM12, FM7, FM9

    General searching using Model
    When you search for information based on Model, the search result will be wider and less specific than when using Chassis ID. To get more specific information you need to manually enter values for variant, Chassis number series, or other parameters.

    Note! (Applies only for Volvo Trucks) From and including December 2005, new model names are introduced; FM and FH. All old model names remain and will not conflict with new models when searching in the information in Volvo Lorry. If you want to perform searches on the new models, FH and FM shall be used, and you then need to select the variant depending on engine size or horse power.

    Note! We recommend that you use the Chassis ID when you search in the Navigator. The system filters away non-relevant information and the user does not need to select a variant at all.
    Searching using Chassis ID/Model in Parts information

    Chassis-unique parts information (from and including week 35, 2003) is produced in such a way that Volvo Lorry filters away non-relevant information and the user does not need to select a model or a variant. The information can be found at all function group levels, but the major part is within the 3-digit level (i.e. 511).
    Note! Parts Information based on Chassis ID is available for all USA-built vehicles and for vehicles built after week 35, 2003).

    Catalogue-based parts information (produced prior to week 35, 2003) is based on the chassis number series that was previously used in the parts catalogues, which is always found within the 2-digit function group level type (i.e. 51). If you want to search for Parts information based on Model, we recommend that you select a 2-digit function group level to give a more accurate search result (i.e. 51).

    Function Groups:
    0: General,
    1: Service and maintenance,
    2: Engine, engine mounting and equipment,
    3: Electric system and instruments,
    4: Power transmission,
    5: Brakes,
    6: Wheel suspension and steering,
    7: Frame, springs, damping and wheels,
    8: Body, cab and interior,
    9: Miscellaneous

    Note! Catalogue-based parts information does not apply to North America.
    Note! Impact DVD is time limited to 8 months and will after that cease to function.
    Conflict Volvo Trucks 2015 (Volvo Impact 2015) with other catalogues:
    1. Should be necessarily established SVG View, differently pictures it will not be visible....
    2. As at start of the program disconnect all firewalls and managers of a network.
    3. After the ending period of use - change date on a your computer on 1-3-6 months ago.

    Information Types:
    Parts catalogue
    Standard parts
    Design and function
    General information
    Schematic diagrams
    Service and maintenance
    Standard times

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    • VOLVO Impact Trucks & Buses [06.2016].txt
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