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Techstream-V16.30.013 + Loader (10.2021)

Description: Toyota Techstream 16.30.013 is the updated to 10.2021 lastest version. The use of Loader allows to run program quickly without Register Techstream Software

Capacity: 560MB
Version: 16.30.016 (update 27.10.2021)
Brand: Toyota
Region: Japan, North America, Europe, Other
Languae: MutiLanguae

Automatic Vehicle Selection
Health Check
Trouble Codes
Trouble Codes Clear
Reading live-data
Freeze Frame Data Display
Active Test
Active Test
Record on Behavior
Calibration Update Check
CAN Bus Check
Additional key registration

Computer Requirements:
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, 32bit and 64bit
Computer has at least 4GB Memory
At least 20B of space

Installation Instructions:

1. Install the Program Toyota Techstream 16.13.030
2. Copy TS Loader and then paste it into the installation directory: Toyota Diagnostics\Techstream\bin\
3. Create TS_Loader show desktop
4. Rename and Run TS_Loader V16.13.030
5. Don't turn off TS_Loader V16.13.030 notifications while using Techstream software
Good luck!!!!

How to get passwod:

reset service abs bmw 2010-4.png
reset service abs bmw 2010-3.png
reset service abs bmw 2010-5.png
Techstream-V16.30.013 + Loader (10.2021)-1.png
Techstream-V16.30.013 + Loader (10.2021)-2.png
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