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Jan 9, 2016
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Honda HDS Version 3.102.051 + ECU Rewrite Instruction Full [03.2018]

Description: Honda Diagnostic System software is a specialized diagnostic support software for Honda models in markets such as Japan, the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Common Area. In the March 2021 version of Honda Diagnostic System, software such as I-HDS, HDS, Immobilizer setup tool, and ECU Update are available to bring convenience in vehicle diagnosis. The user is granted access to the following diagnostic information: Fully scan and read all possible faults on the vehicle and clear the fault. Performance testing and data reading are available on all vehicle systems. Various calibration functions such as: New-generation automatic transmission, Roto IMA on hybrid vehicles... Support software upgrade to the latest version: Engine box, CVT, Battery (hybrid), ...

Type of software:
Diagnostic Software

Capacity: 30.6GB

Version: 3.102.051

Brand: Honda

Region: Japan, the United States, Canada, Europe and General

Language: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Thai, Greek, Polish, Russian, Vietnamese, Norwegian, Dutch, Turkish.

Computer Requirements: WinXP, Vista, Windows7, WIN8, WIN10
Windows system language: English.
Operating System: Windows 7 or Windows 10.
Hard drive with at least 20GB of free space.
Minimum RAM memory 4GB.

Software Feature:
Automatically recognize the vehicle model.
Supports multiple languages, especially Vietnamese
Read errors, delete errors, and also list the causes of damage below the error codes to help users locate the area to be checked quickly.
Displays current vehicle parameters, combined output data in graphical and numerical form.
Activation and testing of actuators of electronic systems.
Basic settings: setting steering angle, injector code, resetting maintenance lights, relearning throttle position...
Support upgrade software to the latest version: Engine box, CVT, Battery (hybrid).
Coding, programming, adaptation, genuine key installation and Immobilizer,…
Detailed error code description.
Automatically link to the manufacturer's website when performing online programming features or to look up repair documents, this feature requires users to have an account of the company to log in.

Supported Hardware:
Mongoose JLR

Honda-HDS-Version-3.102.051-ECU-Rewrite-Instruction-03-2018 1.png
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Honda-HDS-Version-3.102.051-ECU-Rewrite-Instruction-03-2018 3.png
Honda-HDS-Version-3.102.051-ECU-Rewrite-Instruction-03-2018 4.png
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Honda-HDS-Version-3.102.051-ECU-Rewrite-Instruction-03-2018 11.jpg


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